Our History

Since 1962 Zircon Precision Products has produced parts for Commercial Industries as well as the Aerospace Industry. Zircon has produced aluminum and stainless steel machined parts that were used in commercial aircraft as well as military aircraft. In the old days, manually operated machines were used to produce these parts. Today, Zircon has 13 CNC (Computer Numerical Controll) Machines that machine our production parts. These machines are more efficient and more accurate than ever before. Some of our machines can run unmanned 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Zircon’s experience in machining aluminum and stainless steel castings is second to none, but with industry changes driving bar stock alternatives, we have adapted to producing more parts from bar stock. Our highly skilled work force is always striving to continuously improve our products so we can sell our parts for a reasonable price to our customers.

Zircon’s goal of 100% quality and on-time delivery is a standard our customers have come to expect and one we are proud to provide.

Our reputation keeps bringing new business into our 13,350 square ft. facility. Referrals from our customers have helped us expand our business in both commercial and aerospace markets.

Managed by the 2nd generation of ownership, our goals for the future have been built upon the base of those who started this company, and the hard earned trust of our customers.